Monday, November 28, 2011

Congratulations to Maggie who is going to bring Dusty home.

Hello everyone, 

I've choosen 27th Nov'11 to end the blog give away because it was my son's birthday. He will be picking the winner to bring Dusty home. (*^^*)I want to say a big "Congratulations to Maggie!!!"Please kindly contact me within 1 week if not i will be giving this chance to someone else. Haha....
Hope to hear from U very soon! Thank you everyone who has taken time to peek on Dusty and taking part in my 1st blog give away. There will be more to come ya!




  1. Wohoooo, that's meeeeeee! Can't believe.
    Thank you very much Esther (sorry, last time I had a typo in your name) and thanks to your son who picked me (Happy birthday - in delay).
    And I promise, Dusty is going to have a nice and cosy home with many furry friends.

    I will send you my address in an email. And I am going to post it immediately on my blog!

    Oh I am sooooooooooo happy - this is a great day for me.

    Lots of love and Cпаcибо

  2. Congratulations to Maggie!
    And my best wishes to your son, Esther! Thanks for chance! :))

  3. congratulations, Maggie.
    and happy birthday to your big boy, though it's a bit late, best wishes for him.

  4. Thanks Klik & Susana for taking part in this blog give-away and also the birthday wish for my boy :)) ...

  5. Congratulations Maggi! Your boy looks so cute here =)

  6. Congrats Maggie with this sweet bear!!!

    Hugs and a late Happy Birthday Esther!!!

  7. (*^^*)thank u Wayne n Leny... it was my son birthday so i borrowed his lucky hand for the grand draw.. haha

  8. Congrats, Maggie! Wonderful for you! Thank you, Esther, for having such a lovely giveaway! Hugs, Janice

  9. Happy Birthday to your son, too, Esther!! xoxo

  10. Thanks for the chance !!!!!!
    Congratulations Maggie !!!!!!!
    Esther, I'm so glad to meet you, you have a comfortable =)))))
    I'll go !!!!!!

  11. Congratulations to Maggie.(*^^*)
    I enjoyed to!